Fish-disk 773 content: Enforcer

A tool to monitor illegal memory access for 68020/68851, 68030, and 68040 CPUs. This is a completely new Enforcer from the original idea by Bryce Nesbitt. It contains many new and wonderful features and options and no longer contains any exceptions for specific software. Enforcer can now also be used with CPU or SetCPU FASTROM or most any other MMU-Kickstart- Mapping tool. Major new output options such as local output, stdout, and parallel port. Highly optimized to be as fast as possible. This is version 37.26, containing a bug fix to version 37.25 on disk number 754. Requires V37 of the OS or better and an MMU. Author: Michael Sinz

Tags: carries all the Fish disks. You may download this Amiga Fish disk program called Enforcer on Fish disk no 773 from by following the following link.


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