Fish-disk 827 content: FRequest

FRequest is a handy program which lets you select a file by using the ASL file requester and executes a CLI command with the given selection. FRequest can be easily used in batch files and has a lot of options. You can use it as an frontend for any program which does not directly support filerequester selections. It exchanges ‘[]’ in the specified command line with the selection. It has a debug ability for testing of options before execution. This is version 1.55, an update to version 1.5 on disk 743. It now supports multiple file selections and the save filerequester option. Requires AmigaDOS 2.04 or higher. Freeware, binary only. Author: Hans-Peter Guenther

Tags: carries all the Fish disks. You may download this Amiga Fish disk program called FRequest on Fish disk no 827 from by following the following link.


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