Fish-disk 839 content: LazyBench

LazyBench is a utility for lazy people with a hard disk crammed full of goodies which are difficult to reach because they are buried away in drawers inside drawers inside drawers inside drawers… Supports tools and projects and both OS 1.3 and OS 2.xx versions are supplied with this distribution. LazyBench for the OS 1.3 opens a little window on the Workbench screen and delivers a fully configurable menu which brings up to 30 applications at your fingertips. LazyBench for the OS 2.xx adds an item under the Workbench ‘Tools’ menu, installs itself as a Commodity and waits in the background. Use its hot key combination to pop its window and then select an application from a list of up to 100 applications. Binary only. Author: Werther ‘Mircko’ Pirani

Tags: carries all the Fish disks. You may download this Amiga Fish disk program called LazyBench on Fish disk no 839 from by following the following link.


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