Fish-disk 912 content: UUxT

Makes the task of uuencoding and decoding simple. You can even lha and uuencode multiple files in a single step! (And vice versa) Also, UUxT will decode uuencoded files that have multiple mail files and other garbage in them! Includes UUxT-GUI, an intuition frontend for UUxT. It offers all the power of UUxT, but from the workbench! It has a slick, WB 2.0 style look, even under 1.3. UUxT version 2.1, UUxT-GUI version 1.0. Binary only. Author: Asher Feldman

Tags: carries all the Fish disks. You may download this Amiga Fish disk program called UUxT on Fish disk no 912 from by following the following link.


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