Fish-disk 929 content: MegaD

A full-featured directory utility. Supports multiple directories, multiple text/HEX reader, multiple source directories, multiple destination directories and disk copy. User defined gadgets will launch internal, external and ARexx Commands. Full ARexx support with 123 commands plus user added ARexx commands. User defined Menus. User defined screen layout of all objects such as Gadget Sets and Directory Windows. Version 3.0, binary only. Part 1 of a 2 part distribution, AmigaGuide documentation can be found in lha’rced form in the MegaD_Docs directory on disk number 930. Author: John L. Jones.

Tags: carries all the Fish disks. You may download this Amiga Fish disk program called MegaD on Fish disk no 929 from by following the following link.


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