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Fish-disk 104 content: AnalytiCalc

Tuesday, October 20th, 2009

AnalytiCalc is a large and powerful spreadsheet program with sufficient extra features to have some pretentions of acting as an ‘integrated system’. It is a virtual memory system supporting up to 18000 columns and 18000 rows, multiple equations per cell, an outlining system, built-in cell annotation, and datafile access from any cell(s) of the sheet, plus an array of functions not present in most commercial spreadsheets. This disk represents the initial Amiga port of AnalytiCalc, and as such the console interface is somewhat crude and in addition requires use of a custom keymap (one such is supplied) for sensible operation. This will be improved upon, but meanwhile the program is released with complete sources, documents, and executables. The graphics program and the DIF file access program are not yet ported, these will be released when they are ready. AnalytiCalc for the Amiga uses files compatible with those for AnalytiCalc on MS-DOS, VMS, or RSX-11M or IAS. An example project planner spreadsheet is included in the distribution to show off some of the things you can do. More example sheets will be forthcoming in the future. AnalytiCalc also supports matrix math, FFTs, infinite windowing, linear regression, date arithmetic, internal and external macros, LOTS of cell addressing modes, goal seeking in up to 8 dimensions, and more. AnalytiCalc requires perhaps 600K of RAM memory, at least one 360K diskette drive, and AmigaDOS 1.2, plus a larger than default stack. Display sizes supported can be up to 132 characters wide by up to 76 lines long. Sorry, I don’t think AnalytiCalc supports proportional fonts very well, though it should manage not to be totally brain damaged with them. The manual requires an 80 column printer.

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