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Fish-disk 110 content: A68k

Tuesday, October 20th, 2009

A 68000 assembler originally written in Modula-2 in 1985 and converted to C by Charlie Gibb in 1987. Has been converted to accept metacomco-compatible assembler source code and to generate Amiga objects. Includes source. Author: Brian Anderson, C translation and Amiga work done by Charlie Gibb

Fish-disk 110 content: Pdc

Tuesday, October 20th, 2009

An optimizing C compiler for the 68000 processor. This is an update to the version first released on disk 53, though apparently not based on the code from that disk. Major porting work was done by Jeff Lydiatt to get it to the point where it would compile and execute simple programs on the Amiga. This version now generates metacomcocompatible assembler source code, which can be assembled by the assembler also provided on this disk and then linked by the freely redistributable linker ‘blink’ (also provided). Includes all compiler source and some library and startup source code. Requires amiga.lib from developers kit to generate complete running example executables. Author: Matthew Brandt, major porting work by Jeff Lydiatt

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