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Fish-disk 168 content: Matt

Tuesday, October 20th, 2009

Dillon Special This is the the first disk of a two disk ‘Matt Dillon special’ containing binaries and sources to the latest versions of a great deal of Matt’s many programs. Please note that if you plan on recreating any of these programs, then it is quite possible that you will need information from both disks. DRES.LIBRARY, BACKUP, CONFIG V1.00 (Used to configure friendly programs like DME for the initial window placement (configures the executable)), Clock V1.00 (Simple clock, configurable with config), DME V1.31 (My programming oriented editor) DMouse V1.10 (mouse enhancer .. acceleration, blanking, etc… (now handles requesters better w/auto-activate)), Backup V2.01 (HD backup/restore (same program just renamed)), SUPLIB (Support (link time) library required to compile my programs), LIBREF (Utility for generating run-time library link library assembly files, lvo.asm, and the run-time library’s vector list. See the DRES source for usage. Currently very Aztec in terms of what it generates), DRES V1 (Support (run time) library w/lots of functions including a generic parser and IPC) DASM V2.11 (Small-systems assembler. Handles 6502 and some of the Motorola single chip microcomputers. Generates code (not object module oriented)), FTOHEX (Part of DASM used to convert a DASM executable into an intel- hex formatted ascii file), FILES V1.2 (My disk catalog program. Haven’t enhanced it much but did fix some bugs), SHELL V2.10 (Added enviroment variable support and some other junk. Use ConMan if you want command line editing, I do (it should not be a function of the shell and it isn’t in mine)), FINDIT V1.00 (Search for a filename (wildcard)), LIBS V1.00 (list libraries/devices in ram or attempt to remove libraries), SCAT V1.00 (Utility to ‘cat’ binaries without blowing up the display), ADDCR V1.00 (Utility to add CR’s before LF’s in files), REMCR V1.00 (Utility to remove CR’s in files), CMP V1.00 (Utility to compare two files).

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