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Fish-disk 314 content: A68k

Tuesday, October 20th, 2009

A 68000 assembler originally written in Modula-2 in 1985 and converted to C by Charlie Gibb in 1987. Has been converted to accept metacomco-compatible assembler source code and to generate Amiga objects. Includes source. This is version 2.61, an update to the version on disk 186. Author: Brian Anderson, C translation and Amiga work done by Charlie Gibb

Fish-disk 314 content: Zc

Tuesday, October 20th, 2009

A full K&R C compiler based on a port of the Atari ST version of the Sozobon-C compiler. Includes the C compiler main pass written by Johann Ruegg with fixes and enhancements by Joe Montgomery and Jeff Lydiatt, a cc front end written by Fred Fish with enhancements by Jeff Lydiatt and Ralph Babel, an optimizer written by Tony Andrews, an assembler written by Brian Anderson and Charlie Gibb, a linker written by the Software Distillery, generic include files, and a C runtime library written by Dale Schumacher and ported by Jeff Lydiatt. This is version 1.01, an update to disks 171 and 193. Author: Various, see documentation.

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