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Fish-disk 317 content: StillStore

Tuesday, October 20th, 2009

A program designed for freelance, corporate, and broadcast television. It loads and displays IFF images of any resolution interchangeably from a list file or as inputted directly (I.E. random access). The user may easily skip forward or backward one or more pictures in the list. A ‘generic’ display is always just a few seconds away. The program can be used ‘on air’ with no concern that a pull down menu will suddenly appear in the viewable area. It also provides for a precise cue for changing windows or screens. While the main purpose is to load ‘news windows’ of 1/4 screen size, StillStore can also handle full-sized and overscanned images. Also includes slide show modes and a screen positioning feature. Stillstore is written in the Director language from the Right Answers Group. Version 1.2, binary only, source available from authors. Author: R. J. (Dick) Bourne and Richard Murray

Fish-disk 317 content: Uniq

Tuesday, October 20th, 2009

A text processor which compacts repeated adjacent lines. Intended to be used with a sorted file to print unique lines, or repeated lines. Behaviour and options like UNIX version. Version 1.1, includes source. Author: John Woods, Amiga port by Gary Duncan

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