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Fish-disk 385 content: XLispStat

Tuesday, October 20th, 2009

A statistical program based on David Betz’ XLisp. It does some of the most advanced dynamic statistical graphics, included brushing, linking, and 3D rotations. Menus and requestors can be created dynamically with simple lisp commands, and treated as lisp objects, so that the program could be used for many other nonstatistical purposes, such as interactive expert systems. XLisp-Stat has an ARexx port so that an editor may be used to prepare lisp programs and send them directly to XLisp-Stat to be executed. Commands, as character strings, may also be sent from XLisp-Stat with the lisp command, ‘arexx’. All graphics produced may be saved to files in IFF format. This version of XLisp-Stat (v.2.1, release 1) has been ported to the Amiga by James Lindsey, from the Mac version supplied by Luke Tierney. Requires a numerical coprocessor (M68881/M68882) and an M68020/M68030 processor. This disk contains the executables, manual, and lisp files. The sources can be found on disk 386. Author: David Betz, Luke Tierney, James Lindsey

Fish-disk 385 content: MortCalc

Tuesday, October 20th, 2009

Yet another loan calculator, but this one was written with accuracy in mind. The monthly payments times the number of months should balance the total principal plus interest, to the cent. Version 2.5, freeware, source included. Author: Michel Laliberte

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