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Fish-disk 467 content: PowerSnap

Tuesday, October 20th, 2009

A utility that allows you to use the mouse to mark characters anywhere on the screen, and then paste them somewhere else, such as in another CLI or in a string gadget. Checks what font is used in the window you snap from and will look for the position of the characters automatically. Recognizes all non proportional fonts of up to 24 pixels wide and of any height. Works with AmigaDOS 2.0 in both shell and WorkBench environments. Version 1.0, binary only. Author: Nico Francois

Fish-disk 467 content: Multiplot

Tuesday, October 20th, 2009

An intuitive data plotting program featuring flexible input options, arbitrary text addition, automatic scaling, zoom and slide with clipping at boundaries, a range of output file formats and publication quality printed output. Workbench printers are supported via transparent use of the PLT: device. This is version XLNd, an update to version XLNc on disk 373. Includes bug fixes, many new features, postscript and HP LaserJet III support, logarithmic axes. Author: Alan Baxter, Tim Mooney, Rich Champeaux, Jim Miller

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