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Fish-disk 499 content: Matlab

Tuesday, October 20th, 2009

A FORTRAN package (MATrix LABoratory) developed by Argonne National Laboratories for in house use. It provides comprehensive vector and tensor operations in a package which may be programmed either through a macro language or through execution of script files. Supported functions include sin, cos, tan, arcfunctions, upper triangular, lower triangular, determinants, matrix multiplication, identity, hilbert matrices, eigenvalues, eigenvectors, matrix roots, matrix products, inversion, and more. Amiga specific features include workbench startup, polar plots, contour plots, enhanced plot buffer control, and algorithmic plot display generation. This is an update to the version on disk 267, with many bug fixes and code reorganizations. Includes source in FORTRAN. Author: Jim Locker, Cleve Moler, Mike Broida

Fish-disk 499 content: Diglib

Tuesday, October 20th, 2009

An Amiga device independent graphics library for fortran applications. This is an enhanced and debugged version of a public domain library, the development of which was sponsored by the US Government. This library is required for part of the Matlab package, also included on this disk. This is an update to the version on disk 267. Includes source in FORTRAN. Author: Hal Brand, Craig Wuest, James Locker, Mike Broida

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