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Fish-disk 528 content: SimSmart

Tuesday, October 20th, 2009

A general purpose utility that prints the program source code of almost any language, so that (for example) the keywords are emboldened and underlined, and the comments are italicized. These features are adjustable by the user, to suit individual taste. Tabbing also is adjustable, to harmonize with the nesting depth of a particular program. Output may be either on the printer, the screen, or to another file. SimSmart may easily be extended by the user to deal with extra languages. Version 2.10, shareware, binary only. Author: David Simon

Fish-disk 528 content: AmiOmega

Tuesday, October 20th, 2009

Amiga port of the Omega game. Omega is similar to hack or rogue, but is much more complex. There is a city, several towns, a wilderness, lots of dungeons, a multitude of monsters, lots of spells, magic items, etc. There are several quests to complete. All in all, it is an excellent game. This is version 1.5, a different port than version 1.0 on disk 320. Binary only. Author: Laurence Brothers, Amiga port by Klavs Pedersen

Fish-disk 528 content: KeyMenu

Tuesday, October 20th, 2009

An alternative to Intuition’s method of menu selection via the keyboard. Uses one key to activate the menu for the currently active window, the cursor keys to move through the menu as you choose, and the return key to select the desired menu item or escape key to abort selection. Works with AmigaDOS 2.0 mouse accelerator and has option to blank Intuition’s pointer. Version 1.05, an update to version 1.03 on disk 470. Includes assembly source. Author: Ken Lowther

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