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Fish-disk 558 content: BTNtape

Tuesday, October 20th, 2009

A ‘Better Than Nothing’ SCSI tape device handler. Provides flat file access to a SCSI tape drive from application programs using simple DOS calls to Read() and Write(). It can also be used with the Amiga TAR utility for disk backups. Requires a ‘SCSI-direct’ compatible SCSI bus adapter. This is version 2.1, an update to version 2.0 on disk 471. It fixes a number of bugs, and includes some new features such as appending files to existing tapes. Includes source. Author: Robert Rethemeyer

Fish-disk 558 content: Scheme2C

Tuesday, October 20th, 2009

A Scheme compiler which accepts the language defined in the essential portions of Revised Report on Algorithmic Language Scheme, with minor constraints and some additions. The compiler produces C source files which are then compiled using the system’s C compiler (Lattice C 5.10 on the Amiga) to produce conventional object and executable files. Because of the size of the distribution, it has been split onto three disks as follows: source and documentation archives on 556, M68000 binary archive on 557, and M68020 binary archive on 558. This Amiga port was done by Mike Meyer, based on the 28-Sep-90 version of the translator. Author: Digital Equipment Corporation

Fish-disk 558 content: DisDF

Tuesday, October 20th, 2009

Program to disable DF0-DF3 to stop that empty drive clicking by putting the trackdisk.device tasks in a removed state. Can be run from CLI, startup script or WB. Command line options select drives and also remove the File System tasks to reduce CPU load a little more. This is version 1.1, an update to version 1.0 on disk 531. Includes source. Author: Patrick F. Misteli

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