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Fish-disk 594 content: Cube4

Tuesday, October 20th, 2009

A 3-dimensional version of ‘zeros and crosses’ on a 4x4x4 board which can be inspected from all sides. It is possible to change the skill of the computer game, take back moves, change sides and abandon. Version 1.2.1, binary only. Author: Joachim Tuckmantel

Fish-disk 594 content: AnalyRimSrc

Tuesday, October 20th, 2009

An integration of the AnalytiCalc spreadsheet (disk 495) and the RIM-5 relational database management system (disk 143). Integrates a spreadsheet with hundreds of functions and 18000 by 18000 cell address space, with a complete disk based DBMS, and functions permitting one to move relations or selections of relations in either direction between spreadsheet and database. In this way, large relations can be stored on disk, yet accessed as needed in the spreadsheet, from whence they can be computed with or plotted. The command language of RIM is fairly close to SQL and documents for it are included. Also supports GnuPlot to provide flexible plotting. A minimum of 2Mb of memory is recommended, of which 750K must be contiguous. Because the full distribution would not fit on a single disk, it has been split onto two disks, with disk 593 containing the executable and needed ‘keypad’ command files, and disk 594 containing the source and documentation. Author: Glenn C. Everhart et. al.

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