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Fish-disk 596 content: ToolTypeWatch

Tuesday, October 20th, 2009

Helps you if you are searching for ToolType-keywords of a certain application. It patches the FindToolType() and the MatchToolValue() functions of the icon.library and records all calls to these functions along with the given arguments. This allows you to discover all keywords supported by an application as ToolTypes. Version 0.7, includes source. Author: Uwe R

Fish-disk 596 content: RayShade

Tuesday, October 20th, 2009

Rayshade is a ray tracing program ported to the Amiga from UNIX. Rayshade’s features include nine types of primitives (box, cone cylinder, height field, plane, polygon, sphere, superquadric, flat triangle and phong- shaded triangle), composite objects, point, directional, and extended (area) light sources, solid procedural texturing and bump mapping of primitives, antialiasing through adaptive supersampling, arbitrary linear transformations on primitives, and more. This is version 3.0 patchlevel 5 and includes sources in C. The modifications for Amiga & SAS/C are distributed as diff files. Some example input files are also included. Author: Craig E. Kolb, Amiga Port by Martin Hohl

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