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Fish-disk 677 content: MakeLink

Tuesday, October 20th, 2009

A replacement for the original AmigaDOS 2.0 MakeLink command. Supports both hard and soft links. Residentable. This is version 1.1, includes source. Author: Stefan Becker

Fish-disk 677 content: PM

Tuesday, October 20th, 2009

A tool that monitors the Amiga system’s CPU usage using some hooks that are available in 2.04 EXEC. The program uses the high resolution EClock timer to get real time values for the amount of time the processor spends running tasks and the amount of time it spends between tasks (in task switch and in sleep). Version 37.8, binary only. Author: Michael Sinz

Fish-disk 677 content: FBM

Tuesday, October 20th, 2009

An Amiga port of the Fuzzy PixMap image manipulation library. This package allows manipulation and conversion of a variety of color and B&W image formats. Supported formats include Sun rasterfiles, GIF, IFF, PCX, PBM bitmaps, ‘face’ files, and FBM files. Also has input converters for raw images, like Digi-View files, and output converters for PostScript and Diablo graphics. Besides doing format conversion, some of the other image manipulation operations supported include rectangular extraction, density and contrast changes, rotation, quantization, halftone grayscaling, edge sharpening, and histograms. Disk 676 contains m68000 binaries and docs, disk 677 contains m68020/m68881 binaries, and disk 678 contains the sources. Version 1.0. Author: Michael Mauldin, Amiga port by Martin Hohl

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