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Fish-disk 68 content: MicroGNUEmacs

Tuesday, October 20th, 2009

This diskette contains the latest Amiga version of MicroGNUEmacs (MG 1b), a small but powerful text editor that also runs on many other computer systems besides the Amiga. One of MG’s major goals is to be compatible with its ‘cousin’ GNU Emacs, so certain features you may have seen in other versions of MicroEmacs may work differently here, or not exist. Hopefully, you’ll find the added features MG provides to be worth the trouble it takes to make the switch. As well as the commands available on *all* systems MG supports, Amiga MG has many Amiga-specific features: the Amiga mouse (with 24 different functions!), Intuition pull-down menus, the Browser (a very nice way to select files), Amiga function keys, a full-screen editing window, and support for using a different text font in the editing window. The current version is known to run on the following systems: 4.2 & 4.3 BSD Unix, Sun 3.2, Ultrix- 32 (BSD Unix), OS9/68k, VMS, Amiga, System V, Eunice, Primos, Cpm/68k, Atari ST MicroGNUEmacs is based on the original work of Dave Conroy, author of the public domain v30 version. It has been greatly enhanced through the efforts of the following people: (Mike Meyer), (Mic Kaczmarczik), blarson@usc- (Bob Larson), rtech! (Dave Brower) (previous version)

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