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Fish-disk 693 content: CManual

Tuesday, October 20th, 2009

Disk 3 of a 5 disk distribution of one of the largest collections of documents, examples, and utilities in C for the Amiga. It consists of six manuals, with more than 40 chapters, 175 fully executable examples complete with source code, and several utilities and other goodies. The manuals describe how to open and work with Screens, Windows, Graphics, Gadgets, Requesters, Alerts, Menus, IDCMP, Sprites, VSprites, AmigaDOS, Low Level Graphics Routines, etc. They also explain how to use your C Compiler and give you important information about how the Amiga works and how your programs should be designed. When unpacked, the manuals and examples nearly fill up twelve standard Amiga floppies. This is version 3.0, an update to version 2.0 on disks 456 and 457. Because of its size, it is distributed on five library disks, 691 through 695. Author: Anders Bjerin

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