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Fish-disk 735 content: PowerVisor

Tuesday, October 20th, 2009

A powerful machine language debugger and system monitor designed for the serious Amiga programmer. PowerVisor supports all Amigas and all processors (including the 68040). There are two versions, one for AmigaDOS 2.0 and one for AmigaDOS 1.3 (or 1.2). Among many other things, PowerVisor supports symbols and ARexx (with 215 different ARexx commands). It is also very customizable. The AmigaDOS 2.0 version supports online help with ‘AmigaGuide’ and is installable with the 2.0 Installer. This is version 1.20. Source for some examples is included. PowerVisor is shareware. Registered users can order the complete PowerVisor source. This is part 2 of a two part distribution. Part 1 is on disk 734. Author: Jorrit Tyberghein

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