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Fish-disk 738 content: Galaga

Tuesday, October 20th, 2009

A space ‘blast-em’ game with over 300 different animation frames in 16 colors, many levels, end of stage nasties, bonus levels, kamikaze raids, etc. Version 1.4, binary only. Author: Geert Coelmont and Romain Voes

Fish-disk 738 content: CanonBJC

Tuesday, October 20th, 2009

Color printer driver package for Canon BJC 800 and Canon Epson emulation printers. Supports Epson 24/48 pin and BJC emulation compressed native mode. This driver is not limited to 16/4096 shades/colors. Includes font independent preferences programs for controlling additional options, free definable dither routines (many are included), ink compensation, color adjustment, timeout, and more. Version 1, binary only. Author: Wolf Faust, Distribution by Canon Europe N.V.

Fish-disk 738 content: CanonStudio

Tuesday, October 20th, 2009

Prints IFF pictures from disk in 24/8 bit accuracy on normal WB printer driver. Pictures can be printed in any size (poster function) without need for much memory. Supports most IFF formats (incl. EHB, HAM6, HAM8, IFF24). Provides a nice font independent user interface, free definable ordered dithers, error diffusion and blue noise dithers, ARexx Interface, color adjustments, ink compensation, printer spooler and more. This version is limited to Canon printer drivers. Version 1.2, shareware, binary only. Author: Wolf Faust

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