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Fish-disk 766 content: BBase2View

Tuesday, October 20th, 2009

A Base-Viewer for Databases created with BBase2. Advantages are faster database processing, viewing and more. Includes a print option for single records. Requires Amiga OS2.0, version 1.00, binary only, shareware. Author: Michael Bialas

Fish-disk 766 content: MPE

Tuesday, October 20th, 2009

A compiler tool for users of the M2amiga programming environment. MPE does the same job better than your batch file. You can do everything with the mouse or the right amiga key. With this Modula-2 Programming Environment you can compile, link, and run your program. When there is an error, the editor is started automatically. You can set all switches for M2C, M2L M2Make, M2Project, and M2LibLink. This is version 1.38, an update to version 1.31 on disk 732. Binary only. Author: Marcel Timmermans

Fish-disk 766 content: ISAM

Tuesday, October 20th, 2009

A Server/Library. Even novice programmers can store/retrieve database records. Powerful, multi- ‘user’, almost unlimited number/size of records/files. Different users may access same file, file/record locking (exclusive/shared), multiple keys/file. Keys may: ascend/descend, overlap each other, have unique/repeatable values, be up to 499 bytes. Many record retrieval methods. Recover Index file if lost/corrupt. Deleted record space reclaimed. Small: server < 49K, Resident Library < 8K. AmigaDOS V1.2 and up, shareware, binary only. Version 1.01, contains examples w/source. Author: Scott C. Jacobs.

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