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Fish-disk 767 content: TextRead

Tuesday, October 20th, 2009

A fast but quite simple ascii reader, which was designed to replace More or PPMore. The text output is very fast, since the program writes directly into it’s screen memory. The program supports printing, different tabsizes, fonts and screen modes. The search routines uses local.library, if present, so the case insensitive search works in Sweden too… Requires OS 2.04, ReqTools.library v37+ and PowerPacker.library v35+. The two libraries are included. Version 37.16, release 1.03. Freeware, binary only. Author: Martin Blom

Fish-disk 767 content: BackUP

Tuesday, October 20th, 2009

A freely distributable, shareware hard drive backup program that features a custom Intuition interface, multi-floppy drive support, high-density drive support, incremental/full backups, on-the-fly compression using lh.library, optional verify, two types of backup logs and a restorable configuration. BackUP requires Workbench 2.0. Version 3.77, an update to version 3.5 on disk number 724, contains several features, some optimizations and a several few bug fixes. Binary only. Author: Felix R. Jeske

Fish-disk 767 content: AntiCicloVir

Tuesday, October 20th, 2009

A link virus detector that detects 25 different such viruses. Version 1.6a, containing a small but important bug fix to version 1.6 on disk 733. Share-ware, binary only. Author: Matthias Gutt

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