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Fish-disk 770 content: Uedit

Tuesday, October 20th, 2009

Part 3 of a three part distribution of the popular editor by the late Rick Stiles. Per Rick’s wishes, the entire program, including source has been placed in the public domain so that it may continue to grow. This part contains several lharc’d archives of third-party support files, configurations and utilities. Included are emulation configurations for VI, EDT and wordstar, a directory utility, hypertext utilities, help key utilities and much more. Parts 1 & 2 of the distribution may be found on disk numbers 768 and 769 respectively. Uedit is a completely customizable editor with a learn mode, a command language, menus, hypertext, online help, a teach mode, split windows, copy and paste, undo, spell-checking, many wordprocessing features and more. This is version 4.0, an update to version 3.0 on disk 622. Author: Rick Stiles

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