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Fish-disk 790 content: UChess

Tuesday, October 20th, 2009

A powerful version of the program GnuChess version 4 for the Amiga. Plays a very strong game of chess. Code has been rewritten and data structures re-organized for optimal efficiency on 32 bit 68020 and better Amiga systems. Fully multitasking, automatically detects and supports 640X480X256 color AGA mode machines, and does not at any time BUSY wait. Requires a 68020 030/040 based Amiga computer system with AmigaOS 2.04 or later and 4 Meg of ram minimum. Special ‘L’ version optimized for 68040 and requires 10 Meg of ram minimum. Supports a variety of standard features such as load, save, edit board, autoplay, swap sides, force move, undo, time limits, hints, show thinking, and a supervisor mode that will allow two humans to play with the computer acting as a ‘supervisor’. Version 2.04, includes source. Author: FSF, Amiga Port by Roger Uzun

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