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Fish-disk 799 content: HackLite

Tuesday, October 20th, 2009

An evolved version of the public domain game Hack, written by Jay Fenlason, Andries Brouwer, Don Kneller and various others. Hack Lite is a dungeon adventure game in the style of Rogue, Hack, Moria, etc. It uses a customizable graphical dungeon display. The package includes a simple-to-use installation program, and a ‘Preferences’-style configuration editor. Many new objects, traps, monsters and ways to die have been added. Saved games are now much smaller, and a ‘Tournament mode’ allows several players to compete for the highest score playing in identical dungeons. Utilities included with Hack Lite were written by Jim Cooper and Doug Walker. Author: Alan Beale

Fish-disk 799 content: AII

Tuesday, October 20th, 2009

Archiving Intuition Interface’ allows you to access many features of the LHa archiver via the WorkBench. Requires reqtools.library. Version 1.03, first release. Requires KickStart 2.0 or higher. ShareWare, binary only. Author: Paul Mclachlan.

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