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Fish-disk 837 content: UnixDirs

Tuesday, October 20th, 2009

A program which intercepts calls to dos.library to add the UNIX style ‘.’ and ‘..’ syntax for current and parent directories, respectively, to file and path names. I.E., you can refer to files in the current directory as ‘./foo’ and files in the parent directory as ‘../foo’, or any combination of the two. Similar to program on disk 321, but independently developed. Includes source. Author: Martin Scott

Fish-disk 837 content: Life

Tuesday, October 20th, 2009

Another version of Tomas’s Life game. Features include wrapping the screen as in a torus, independent setting of the horizontal and vertical resolutions, computing only a specific number of generations, redisplay only every N generations, a macro language to set up initial generations, and more. Works with horizontal resolutions up to 262,112 pixels and vertical resolutions up to 65,535 pixels. This is version 6.1, an update to version 5.0 on disk 316. Includes source. Author: Tomas Rokicki

Fish-disk 837 content: AquaPack

Tuesday, October 20th, 2009

This package is a replacement of the old Aquarium program. NewFish, NewAqua and CliAqua support a packed database but are also compatible with the old (unpacked) database. The entire package supports a user configurable database path. CliAqua has the same functions as NewAqua, but is controlled via CLI. It has an interface to install on a BBS. AquaPack is written in SAS-C. NewFish is version 2.71, NewAqua is version 1.01, and CliAqua is version 1.01. Source is available from the author. Author: Silvano Oesch, Paul Wittwer

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