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Fish-disk 852 content: CPUClr

Tuesday, October 20th, 2009

A small hack, inspired by CPUBlit, that replaces the BitClear routine of the graphics library with a highly optimized 68020 (or higher) routine. This results in about a 60% speed up on a 68020 and should be even more on a 68030/68040. This is version 3.20, an update to version 2.0 on disk number 709, includes source. Author: Peter Simons

Fish-disk 852 content: OriginsDemo

Tuesday, October 20th, 2009

Demo version of a commercial genealogy program. The number of records is limited in practice only by available memory and storage. You may track attributes of people, such as date and place of birth, death, burial, and marriages, and parent/child relationships. Details such as baptism, immigration, and occupation are also allowed for. Reports: individual, family group, pedigree, Ahnentafel, descendants, Tiny-Tafel, alphabetical lists. Free-form text for sources and notes, display of IFF pictures, ARexx functions. The demo version allows a limited number of records, has printing of some reports disabled, and has GEDCOM utilities removed. Requires minimum 1 MB of ram, OS V1.3 or greater, and arp.library. Version 1.06, binary only. Author: Jeff Lavin

Fish-disk 852 content: ReSourceDemo

Tuesday, October 20th, 2009

Demo version of the commercial disassembler. Very fast, intelligent, interactive. Over 900 menu functions. Most of the Amiga structure names are available at the touch of a key (user-defined structures also supported). Base- relative addressing, using any address register, is supported for disassembling C programs. Choice of traditional 68K syntax or the new M68000 Family syntax. Online hypertext help. Requires minimum 1 MB of ram, OS V1.3 or greater, and arp.library. Version 5.12, an update to version 3.06 on disk number 232, binary only. Author: Glen McDiarmid

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