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Fish-disk 884 content: P-Compress

Tuesday, October 20th, 2009

A compression program that produces smaller files faster than any other current general-purpose cruncher, using LZH compression algorithms. Can handle single files, whole drawers, disks, or selected files or types of files within drawers and disks. Includes compression and decompression object files which can be linked to your own programs to allow them to access and output data in LZH format. Version 2.9, an update to version 2.5 on disk 760. Provides compatibility with OS.3. Author: Chas A. Wyndham, LZH code by Barthel/Krekel

Fish-disk 884 content: BackUP

Tuesday, October 20th, 2009

A freely distributable, shareware hard drive backup program that features a custom Intuition interface, multi-floppy drive support, high-density drive support, incremental/full backups, on-the-fly compression using lh.library, optional verify, two types of backup logs, safe-backups and a restorable configuration. BackUP requires Workbench 2.x, 1MB RAM and lh.library V1 (supplied). Version 3.88 is an update to V3.77 on disk number 724, containing new features, some optimizations and a few bug fixes. Binary only. Author: Felix R. Jeske

Fish-disk 884 content: QuickTrans

Tuesday, October 20th, 2009

All 17 functions of mathtrans.library and also of mathieeesingtras.library. Faster and about as accurate as Commodore’s libraries. Mathtrans.library trig functions over twice as fast, log and exponential about 3 times as fast. Mathtrans. library is update of quicktrans on disk number 592. Mathieeesingtrans.library is new, with most speed gains comparable to those of mathtrans.library. Log and tan are about 4 times as fast as Commodore’s. Version 100, binary only. Author: Martin Combs

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