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Fish-disk 910 content: DefPubScreen

Tuesday, October 20th, 2009

A little wedge that makes the front-most screen the default public screen. If the front-most screen isn’t a public screen, nothing changes. It wedges into the vertical blanking interrupt server chain and watches Intuition’s record of the front most screen. When the front-most screen changes, the main task is signaled and responds by making the front-most screen the default public screen if possible. This is all totally transparent and happens very quickly, and is very handy for people who have seperate screens for Shell windows etc. Version 2.00, binary only. Author: Matt Francis

Fish-disk 910 content: PowerCache

Tuesday, October 20th, 2009

A new, user friendly, completely configurable disk caching system. Has tons of features, including a font sensitive GUI, multiple unit caching, selectable read- only or read/write cache mode, cache-in-a-file option, statistics graphs, a low memory handler, a full ARexx interface and more than 100k of AmigaGuide documentation, to mention a few. Online help is (optionally) available everywhere using AmigaGuide. Installs as a simple commodity and is of course hotkey controllable. Requires at least Kickstart 2.04. Certain bonus features require 3.0 or later. Localized, CatComp source included. Version 37.64, binary only, shareware Author: Michael Berg

Fish-disk 910 content: IEv4Demo

Tuesday, October 20th, 2009

An icon editor which can create and modify icons up to 640×256 pixels in size, up to 256 colors, edit all non- graphical icon parameters including up to 40 tooltypes, import/export IFF images, recolour icons for DOS2.0, write text into icon in any font and style, scale icon images, edit default icons, select screen resolution and magnification for editing, and much more! Demonstration version of IE Version 4.0, update to IE on disk number 621. This version runs MUCH faster and uses MUCH less memory! Requires Workbench 2.04+. Binary only. Author: Peter Kiem

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