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Fish-disk 917 content: AUSH

Tuesday, October 20th, 2009

A command line interpreter for the Amiga. Features include file name completion, pattern expansion, expression computation, command history, for…done loops, full support of AmigaDOS 2.0, and much more. Almost fully compatible with ARP and Commodore shells. This is version 3.15, an update from version 1.52 on disk 747. Binary only. Author: Denis Gounelle

Fish-disk 917 content: MandelMania

Tuesday, October 20th, 2009

A fast Mandelbrot Set and Julia Set calculation program. The main features are: Create animations automatically via ARexx script file, 2.5 times faster than MandFXP, On-line help using amigaguide.library, Supports all Amiga graphic modes, incl. AGA modes and autoscroll screens, Loading and saving using IFF format. Picture parameters are stored in a special chunk, Supports Mandelbrot Set LSM, Julia Set LSM, Mandelbrot Set CPM (two-and three-dimensional), Julia Set CPM (two-and threedimensional), Lyapunov Space, Colormap can be changed, Built in colorcycling, Easy scrolling by pressing the cursor keys. Version 4.1, requires Kickstart 2.1 (V38+ of asl.library), binary only. Author: Markus Zehnder

Fish-disk 917 content: PhoneBill

Tuesday, October 20th, 2009

A logfile analyser. What it basically does is scan the logfile(s) generated by a terminal program or a mailer, extract all information about calls you have made by using your modem, and stores it in its own (short) format. Features: Userdefinable callrates, Supports logfiles generated by MagiCall, NComm, TrapDoor, Term, and Terminus, Automatic logfile truncating, Generates miscellaneous reportsm statistics, total costs. Requires Kickstart 2.04 or higher, nice GUI and supports new 3.0 features (new look menus, …). Version 1.08, binary only. Author: Raymond Penners

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