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Fish-disk 918 content: WBVerlauf

Tuesday, October 20th, 2009

Allows the owners of AGA machines to create a nice Copper background for a selectable color, using the whole 16 million color range of the AGA chips. By specifying the color of the first and the last line of the screen, WBVerlauf will make a smooth color change by setting a new color value on every scanline. Now a commodity and allows editing 24-bit rainbow copperlists in realtime. Requires Kickstart 3.0 and AGA. Version 2.0, binary only. Author: Christian A. Weber

Fish-disk 918 content: Multiplot

Tuesday, October 20th, 2009

An intuitive data plotting program featuring flexible input options, arbitrary text addition, automatic scaling, zoom and slide with clipping at boundaries, a range of output file formats and publication quality printed output. Workbench printers are supported via transparent use of the PLT: device. Postscript and HP Laserjet printers are directly supported. Version XLNf v1.06, an update to version XLNe on disk 572. Binary only. Author: Alan Baxter, Tim Mooney, Rich Champeaux, Jim Miller

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