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Fish-disk 937 content: 64Door

Tuesday, October 20th, 2009

A Commodore 64 Terminal emulator program which allows you to call Commodore 64 BBS systems in the C64- specific color terminal mode commonly referred to as C/G mode. Written in 100% 68000 Assembly language. Version 1.0, binary only, public domain. Author: Clay Hellman

Fish-disk 937 content: KingCON

Tuesday, October 20th, 2009

A console-handler that optionally replaces the standard ‘CON:’ and ‘RAW:’ devices. It is 100% compatible, but adds some VERY useful features, such as: Filename- completion (TAB-expansion), A review-buffer, Intuition menus, Jump-scroll. (FAAST output!) Cursor-positioning using the mouse, MC68020-optimized version, And more… Version 1.0, requires OS2.x, binary only. Author: David Larsson

Fish-disk 937 content: WhereK

Tuesday, October 20th, 2009

A highly configurable hard drive utility. Features an automatic disk cataloger with 3 modes, turns directories into ascii files that can be saved and searched, allows other programs to run while continuing in the background, creates lists with versions of the libraries on your hard drive and disks. All files created can be saved. Features 2 help modes, individual help for keys and a comprehensive help mode, both accessible from the program. Runs on WB2.0+ except for the Library Versions Bulk Lister which requires WB3.0 and above. Version 3.0, binary only, freeware. Author: Kenneth J. McCormick.

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