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Fish-disk 939 content: IanUtils

Tuesday, October 20th, 2009

A collection of some small but useful Assembly language tools. Included are: Colors, a kickstart 3.0 palette editor. Edit any screen’s palette by percents, rather than fixed integers, Output, an AppIcon that will call your text/picture/sound/etc. viewer. Customizable for any IFF type, SetColor, Allows setting screen colors from the shell, useful for scripts, SetDepth, a command to change screen depth. Give your WB1.3 8 colors, EMenu, adds key equivalents to WB1.2/1.3 menus. Lays out the menus ‘prettier.’ Source included for SetColor, SetDepth and EMenu. Author: Ian J. Einman

Fish-disk 939 content: AlertHelp

Tuesday, October 20th, 2009

A little tool that helps you to interpret the alertmessages. When an alert occurs, the program displays a window with a little description of the alert. This is version 0.55. Freeware, includes source. Author: Jan Hagqvist

Fish-disk 939 content: ExtraCmds

Tuesday, October 20th, 2009

A set of 18 AmigaDOS commands, chiefly inspired by UNIX, written to augment the collection distributed as part of the System Software Release 2.04 (V37) and will not run under older releases. This is the second public release consisting of the commands Common, Compare, Concat, Copyright, Count, DirTree, Find, Head, Lower, Prepare, SCD, Split, Splitname, Tee, Testbits, TimeCom, Unique and Usage. Includes an English User’s Reference Manual in LaTeX format and source code. Author: Torsten Poulin

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