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Fish-disk 952 content: MachV

Tuesday, October 20th, 2009

Release 5.0, version 37.5 of the hotkey/macro/multipurpose utility. You can record keystrokes and mouse events, manipulate screens and windows, popup a shell, view the clipboard, blank the screen and much more. This release has a complete ARexx interface, so you can execute ARexx programs and functions from hotkeys and store results in environment variables. The optional title bar clock is an AppWindow. You can drop an icon in the clock and its name is set in a variable for use in macros. The documentation has been rewritten and includes two indices. This is the freely distributable release of 5.0. It is the same as the registered version except this version has a ‘welcome’ window and has a limit of 25 macros. It has been localized for deutsch and francais. Requires OS2.04+. This is an update to MachIV on disk number 624. Binary only, shareware. Author: Brian Moats, PolyGlot Software

Fish-disk 952 content: UUArc

Tuesday, October 20th, 2009

UUArc is an archiving system designed to enable easy transmission of binary files/archives over communcation links only capable of using ASCII, such as Electronic Mail. It encodes binary files into files containing only printable standard ASCII characters. Written primarily for use with GuiArc to add UUEncoding/UUDecoding facilities to it, it takes similar command line options to other commonly used archiving programs. This is version 1.3, an update to version 1.1 on disk 912. Public domain, includes source. Author: Julie Brandon

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