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Fish-disk 957 content: VChess

Tuesday, October 20th, 2009

Fully functional shareware chess game completely written in Amiga Oberon. Features: selectable screen type (can run right on the workbench screen), sizeable board, Two-human, Computer-Human and Computer-Computer play modes, Load, save games, Load/save/print movelist, Use/save openings, Time limits, Solve for mate, Selectable fonts, Setup board, Rotate board, Show movelist, Show thinking, … and more. Requires OS2.0+, and should run even on low memory (512K) machines if the opening library is not used. Version 2.0, binary only, shareware. Author: Stefan Salewski

Fish-disk 957 content: PARex

Tuesday, October 20th, 2009

PARex is a program which allows you to process files, mostly textfiles, whereby strings can be replaced by another, text between two strings can be stripped, strings put in lower or upper case. PARex supports normal text searching, wildcard searching, context remembering and word-only searching. Using data scripts enables the use of an unlimited number of such replace commands. Each replace command can be individually controlled. All ASCII codes can be used in the search and replace strings, even entire files, dates, times, can be inserted in such strings. Custom formatted hexadecimal output is also supported. Over twenty ready to use program scripts are included to perform simple tasks as: converting files between different computer systems, stripping comments from source files, finding strings in files, converting AmigaGuide files to normal text files,… even automatic version updating of source files. By the way, v3.00 is about two to more than twenty times faster than the previous versions, and is supplied in english, german, french, and dutch. This is version 3.00, an update to version 2.12 on disk number 859. Binary only (but the source is available), shareware. Author: Chris P. Vandierendonck

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