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Fish-disk 979 content: SnoopLibs

Tuesday, October 20th, 2009

A clever tool for developers and others with a more- thanusual interest in the functioning of tasks, to patch and monitor any library-function-call from a certain task. The output-formats can be changed and the results can be printed to a window, a file or printer. Only for Kickstart v37(+). Includes six ‘.sl’ files (library data) and a tool (fd2sl + source) to add more. Comes with an AmigaGuide manual. This is version 0.9, first public release. Author: ASWare, by Ekke Verheul & Dirk Reisig

Fish-disk 979 content: MouseAideDEMO

Tuesday, October 20th, 2009

A DEMO version of a ‘Mouse’ utility which has all the standard functions: Acceleration with threshold, window and screen cycling by mouse and keyboard, mouse and screen blanking, mouse and Auto-Activation, user ‘hot key’ command, Keyboard ‘String’ macros, etc. But also has many functions other ‘Mouse’ programs do NOT, such as: Shell-Cycling, Key Clicking, Mouse Port switching KeyClosing, Multi-Icon-Select with Mouse, Middle Mouse Button Windowing, EZ-Date generation, Workbench to the front function, Ez-Dragging and Sizing, Key zipping, Freezing Mouse and Keyboard of all input, etc. Now features an easy to use Pop-Up 2.xx style intuition interface (that functions in 1.3) and the ability to function correctly in all the new screen modes! Written in assembly for efficiency in size and CPU usage. Version v9.81a, an update to version v9.69a on disk 892. Binary only. Author: Thomas J. Czarnecki

Fish-disk 979 content: SuperDuper

Tuesday, October 20th, 2009

An exciting, high-speed disk copier and formatter. Typical timings are 99s for a disk-to-disk verified copy, or 38s for a four disk non-verified format. Also available are buffering in RAM, on a hard disk image file or on any sectorbased Amiga device, like RAD:, VDO:, FMS:, etc. Real-time compression using the Xpk standard allows to copy in one pass most disks on 1M Amigas, especially in conjunction with a special utility which ‘hides’ external drives to the system (but not to SuperDuper). Bells and whistles include high density floppy support, voice, automatic date increment, a list of the disks copied, and automatic start of operations based on disk insertion/ejection sensing. Works on any Amiga under 2.0 and beyond. The changes from version 3.0 are mainly bug fixes and some new features, namely optional simple refresh windows, the new NoStartup switch, automatic source disk reads, and better window management. Version 3.1, an update to version 3.0 on disk number 903. Binary only, freeware. Author: Sebastiano Vigna

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