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Fish-disk 995 content: BrowserII

Tuesday, October 20th, 2009

A ‘Programmer’s Workbench’. Allows you to easily and conveniently move, copy, rename, and delete files & directories using the mouse. Also provides a method to execute either Workbench or CLI programs by doubleclicking them or by selecting them from a ParM like Menu with lots of arguments. Uses whatis.library to detect file types and executes commands based on these. Version 2.41, an update to version 2.13 on disk number 843. Binary only, shareware. Author: Sylvain Rougier, Pierre Carrette

Fish-disk 995 content: XprKermit

Tuesday, October 20th, 2009

An Amiga shared library which provides Kermit file transfer capability to any XPR-compatible communications program. Supports version 2.0 of the XPR Protocol specification. In addition to fixing known bugs in XPR Kermit 1.111, it adds: sliding windows support, attribute packets, full update of download status (number of bytes transferred, time elapsed, time left) and many other features. This is version 2.35, an update to version 1.5 on disk number 330, includes source. Author: Stephen Walton, Frank da Cruz, Marco Papa

Fish-disk 995 content: ParM

Tuesday, October 20th, 2009

Parametrable Menu. ParM allows you to build menus to run your favorite tools. ParM can run programs either in Workbench or CLI mode. ParM can have its own little window, can attach menus to the CLI window you are running it from, or to the WB menus. It has a builtin mouse accelerator, screen blanker, etc. Available languages: english, french, deutsch, italiano, norsk, svenska, dansk. Version 4.5, an update to version 4.3 on disk number 843. Binary only. Author: Pierre Carrette, Sylvain Rougier

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