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Fish-disk 999 content: ADAM

Tuesday, October 20th, 2009

A calculation program that is able to handle numbers with up to some thousand digits before and after the decimal point. This is version number 3. The (German) source code in assembly language is included. Author: Michael Lorek

Fish-disk 999 content: QuadraComp

Tuesday, October 20th, 2009

A music tracker which uses the internal Amiga sound capabilities. Features: Uses standard intuition windows, Handles the Protracker and Extended Module (EMOD) formats, Built-in synth in the sample editor, More and longer samples can be used than in normal trackers, Amusing realtime sample displays. Version 2.03, an update to version 2.0 on disk number 930. Binary only, shareware. Package also includes QuadraPlayer, a relatively small, freeware module player, that handles both Protracker modules and Extended Modules (EMOD’s). The music is shown visually in the Monoscope, VU-Meters and SpectraScope. Version 1.0, binary only. Author: Bo Lincoln & Calle Englund

Fish-disk 999 content: DBB

Tuesday, October 20th, 2009

Digital Breadboard is a full GUI digital circuit simulator. Digital Breadboard currently supports 2 and 3 input AND, OR, NAND, and NOR gates, NOT and XOR gates, D, JK, and SR edge-triggered flip-flops, multiple independant clocks, switched and pulsed inputs, outputs, Vcc, GND, independant 4-channel trace scope, event counters, variable speed timer, preferences printing, and more. Includes combinational logic design utilities. Version 1.1.9, an update to version 1.1.5 on disk 844. Author: Dan Griffin

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